ATLANTA, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — ATLANTA, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On Tuesday, March 30, 2021, Griffin Living secured financing for an Assisted Living and Memory Care Community at West Cobb, in Acworth, GA. The project is the newest addition to the Varenita™ luxury senior living portfolio. As one of the few major financial closings for ground-up construction in senior living since the pandemic started, Varenita™ at West Cobb provides insight into how post-pandemic investing and innovation will look in the senior living industry.

“The pandemic severely affected senior living products, so it is reasonable for the…

By: Paul E. Griffin III, CEO and President of Griffin Living

In the senior living business and at Griffin Living especially, we focus on the vibrancy of our residents: the unique opportunities that time, experience, and mature families present that most people don’t get to have earlier in life. That’s a wonderful thing. But a thought-provoking conversation with Hanh Brown on her podcast Boomer Living made me reflect on the grief that residents and their families are experiencing when they look at senior living options.

A large number of our residents move to assisted living after a death, which means…

Senior Developer Griffin Living welcomes the newest member of the executive team, Bebe Reed, reflecting an increased focus in the senior living industry toward healthcare.

As a Registered Nurse, Bebe brings 25 years of management and operational experience in senior living, healthcare management, program development, and staff education.

“The most fundamental aspect of our business is ensuring the welfare of our residents,” says CEO Paul E. Griffin III, “We are delighted to have Bebe Reed at Griffin Living to help us further understand and prioritize healthcare in our communities.”

Bebe has overseen 20 different senior living communities in nine states, where she has trained Executive Directors in all areas of regulatory compliance. …

Written by: Matthew Griffin

This will help seniors who live in community and require help from others to meet their basic needs to stay safe

This week, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) advised that people over 75 be next in line for the COVID vaccine after healthcare workers and long term care residents.

According to Wall Street Journal reporting, this was a difficult decision for the ACIP, who were debating whether essential workers, whose jobs put them at risk of exposure, would be prioritized over seniors, whose age puts them at risk of complications if infected. …

Sept. 20, 2020

Written By: Matthew Griffin

While they face some similar challenges in a pandemic, these are distinct operations.

It was a tough day in the senior housing and care business when a New York Times headline proclaimed nursing homes “death pits” in April during the COVID-19 crisis. The article cited that nearly a third of coronavirus deaths in the United States were in senior housing facilities.

With robust and innovative safety measures in place, senior living facilities at Griffin Living remain COVID free.

How can this be? It’s partly a matter of distinguishing types of senior living. Numerous reports…

Press Release: LOS ANGELES, Dec. 23, 2020

Paul E. Griffin III, founder and CEO of Griffin Living, an innovative senior housing developer, has been inducted into Forbes Real Estate Council, an invitation-only community for executives in the real estate industry.

Griffin was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for induction include a track record of impressive growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors. Griffin has produced an excess of 4 billion dollars of value with his real estate development companies. …

John Terando, Senior Vice President, Griffin Living

Gone are the days of cafeteria-style mess halls and hospital food.

The team at Griffin Living works hard to ensure the residents of our innovative senior living developments have not only beautiful places to call home, but also activities to make for an active and luxurious lifestyle there.

Gone are the days of cafeteria-style mess halls and hospital food. At Griffin Living’s assisted living properties, residents enjoy all-day dining to accommodate their schedules. Professional chefs with backgrounds in fine dining ensure that food is prepared, plated, and presented with restaurant quality.

Residents of our senior living communities can enjoy a…

Paul E Griffin III, CEO, Griffin Living

COVID-19 is exacerbating the senior housing crisis in America. At Griffin Living, we are taking action so that proper care may be provided to the people who need it most.

Long before COVID-19 became the most pressing issue on everyone’s minds, our team at Griffin Living had been studying another crisis: the shortage of suitable housing for American seniors in urban and suburban areas.

For the last ten years, we have been researching the evolving needs of American families as their loved ones age, and building modern, well-appointed assisted living centers in which seniors can comfortably retire. …

Paul E. Griffin III, CEO, Griffin Living

We believe that some of the best years of seniors’ lives are ahead of them. So we are reimagining the way that senior housing is experienced.

When I first started looking into the senior housing business for Griffin Living, I’ve visited a number of facilities to evaluate senior housing standards and try to shoot higher and become a top assisted living community builder. I’ll never forget seeing an elderly man whose daughter was dropping him off after an outing together. He was angry. It seems to me he had every reason to be: he was healthy and had all his…

Ann Lewis, Executive Vice President and COO, Griffin Living

With Thanksgiving just passed and Christmas coming in a few weeks, we have been thinking carefully about how to have holidays that are both safe and festive for our residents during the pandemic.

Though our holidays may look different this year than in the past, they remain important to all of us, no matter what age we are. In other years, children would be off from school, college students coming home, and families reuniting. This year was a very different situation for everyone. With Thanksgiving just passed and Christmas coming in a few weeks, we have been thinking carefully about…

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