Griffin Living’s Projects Look like Five Star Resorts and Feel Like Home

John Terando, Senior Vice President, Griffin Living

The team at Griffin Living works hard to ensure the residents of our innovative senior living developments have not only beautiful places to call home, but also activities to make for an active and luxurious lifestyle there.

Gone are the days of cafeteria-style mess halls and hospital food. At Griffin Living’s assisted living properties, residents enjoy all-day dining to accommodate their schedules. Professional chefs with backgrounds in fine dining ensure that food is prepared, plated, and presented with restaurant quality.

Residents of our senior living communities can enjoy a drink in the cocktail lounge, looking into a beautiful courtyard or out at a scenic lake. When dinner is served, they can choose from an a la carte menu or participate in the theme of the evening, like BBQ from an industrial smoker or pizza from a wood-fired oven. Residents and their families particularly enjoy Sunday brunch, complete with carving station.

Griffin Living organizes activities like crafts, lectures from historians and scientists, and yoga classes throughout the day for our residents and their visitors. At night, they can attend music performances, movie nights, and cooking demonstrations with guest chefs. Senior speed dating has been especially popular. Activities are hosted in our gorgeous common rooms, but for residents who need to stay in their rooms, everything is on CCTV and broadcast for virtual participation. Offsite shopping excursions and museum visits are also in the works. We encourage our residents to have active, healthy lifestyles — loved ones always invited.

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